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How to prepare your property for an photography shoot

With over ten years of experience in architectural and interior photography, I was asked many times how to prepare a property for an interior photography shoot.


Because these pictures need to stand out from the crowd so your listing can receive more clicks and you will have a better chance to sell your home or get it rented. Maybe you want to get your grandfather's villa booked for that magic wedding so you can afford to maintain it in the family after the labour of love and energy you invested in it.


So whether you are marketing a holiday accommodation, a hotel room, a bed and breakfast or a self-catering apartment on Airbnb, I will always start by advising that we use professional grade wide lenses and in doing so every picture will capture all of the space around it.


Any clutter under the beds, over the cupboards, under the desk or in the corridor will be pictured and that will distract the viewer and look messy. Therefore we want to make sure that anything that can go inside cupboards, wardrobes, baskets and storage will do so. So store away or bag out from the cornflakes and kitchen towel on the kitchen counter to the cleaning products and toiletries in the bathroom. Clear all your clothes from door handles, wall hangers, chairs, sofas and bed frames.  Of course, you can leave that nice umbrella and the cool hat as props. You can also leave that vintage biscuit tin box and that lovely rosemary pot.


Another great practice is to unplug any visible cables such as televisions, speakers, kitchen appliances and so on. Plants look great if they are alive and well so it would be a great idea to cut any dead leaves and give the dead basil a final goodbye.

A thing to bear in mind, especially if you want to rent your home, is that a blown-up light bulb, a broken chair or the falling paint in the bathroom will make the property look not well looked after and might put the potential guest or buyer off.

A good clean at the windows and shower glass, using the rug doctor on your carpet, deeply hoover from head to toe and, sorry to point it out but, get rid of anything you are not using anymore will make the place look welcoming and ready to receive a new guest.

Some of my clients, who manage short let and holiday apartments, often refurbish or professionally clean their properties before booking an appointment with me. And ultimately why not buy some fresh flowers and some fruit and veg next door to make the house look more welcoming.

Just remember that if you love and care about something it will attract others’ attention and appreciation; we all want to have a bite of that gnammy-looking cake that smells like heaven.
I hope these tips will help you show your property in its best light and have fun with the shoot!

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