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Production camera in action


Inspired Octopus is a brand-aware East London creative studio collective specialising in photography, video production and social content creation.

We work with travel, leisure, and lifestyle brands, events and hospitality businesses, architectural firms, product and fashion designers. We produce individualized, high-quality one-of-a-kind content to help our clients communicate and engage with their audiences, promote their brands and grow their businesses.

We use state-of-the-art professional equipment and all our content is delivered ready-tagged and SEO optimized for Google search engines to help your business's online visibility.



Alessio has more than seven years experience as a freelance photographer and is on his third year in filmmaking and video production.

Born into a family of artists, engineers, tourism professionals, and worldwide travellers, travelling and photography have always been an integral part of his life. Since 2010 he works with a wide range of clients; from local sustainable businesses to global corporate companies. Among other publications, Alessio has been featured as Shutterturf's top food photographers in London

Filmmaker Alessio Paratore
Video Editor


Mark is the man who delivers, ensuring the smooth running of the editing workflow, and our clients' cool logos motion graphics.

He also keeps Alessio down to earth with the creative processes.


Matthew comes from 15 years creative design industry and, when digital design held no more secrets,  he turned creative writer and art director. He has worked on several short films as well as writing and art directing adverts across a wide range of media.

Art Dirtector Matt Camfield
Marketing guru Samuele Scodeggio


Samuele is our business guru. He owns his own companies and helps other companies to build their brand, online presence, and market them. If you want to be first on Google, he is your man!

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